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"the Good Thief"
Alabama Noir & Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021

Spanning from a mediocre spa in Florida, to New York’s gritty East Village, to death row in Alabama, [Best American Mystery and Suspense] reveals boundless suspense in small, quiet moments, offering startling twists in the least likely of places.


"Turkey Shoot"

Forty-five tiny, new stories from top writers, just two sentences and one rule" - include "thanks" in an interesting way.

"And Mourning Jubilee"
The New York Times

Will the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico end a Deep South seafood tradition?

"A Return Home Leads to Questions on Race"
National Public Radio

Ravi Howard spent the last few years investigating a murder that happened in Mobile, Alabama, where Howard is originally from. He had gone to school up North and made a home there, but found himself pulled back to the South to raise a family. The same thing is happening to many of his friends, too.

“That Tree Has Been Here”

A writer’s journey to meet an icon—and his legendary oak.

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