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NPR: "Driving The King" A Story Long In The Works

Driving The King is a fictionalized account of the adventures of Nat King Cole and his bodyguard driver. Author Ravi Howard says the idea was planted long ago.

The Burden of History: an Interview with Ravi Howard

"Growing up in Montgomery, I heard stories about the Civil Rights Movement from people who never became famous. That experience had an impact on my storytelling." Ravi Howard on singer Nat King Cole

"Driving the King's" author talks about Nat King Cole: "The Jackie Robinson of television", the South and when it's OK to take liberties with history.

Book Page: What they're reading - Ravi HowarD

We were curious about the books Howard has enjoyed reading lately, so we asked him to recommend three favorites, which he graciously agreed to share.

The Rumpus: The Sunday Rumpus Interview - Ravi HowarD

Howard’s first novel, set in Mobile, Alabama, is about a lynching that occurs in the 1980s. Howard’s second novel, set in Montgomery, Alabama, is about a man who saves singer Nat King Cole from a mob and ends up with a job as his chauffeur. Of course, both novels are about so much more.

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